Renting FAQ:

Security Deposits start at $500.

Renter Requirements:  In order to be approved for rental, applicants must submit to a credit/background check.  This report is self-service and a soft credit inquiry.

We allow one individual to sign our rental agreement, not an LLC or Business. 


Your studio rent is due on the 1st of each month and considered late after the 5th.

Automatic Payments (via ACH) are processed on the 6th of each month.

Payments made via Autopay are at the advertised rate; Payments made via other methods (cash, check, credit card) incur a $25 per month surcharge.


All our facilities are strictly non-smoking. This includes cigarettes, marijuana, vapes, candles, incense, all smoke, steam, fire, and the like. Ash trays are available outside.

Our facilities are not a residence. This means: no regular overnight sleeping, no excessive grooming in the bathrooms, and no regular food preparation.

You should not receive mail or have packages delivered to the facility. Please do not use your studio address for any mailings, LLC registrations, or as your physical address. These should be registered and addressed elsewhere.

Be a good neighbor, treating each other and our facility with respect. Work together to create a professional and friendly environment at each location.