A small sized lockout starts at $500/mo., (great for drum rooms / production rooms), with other larger lockouts available (suitable for band rehearsals or larger setups).

90ft2 – 110ft2

These rooms provide a comfortable space for 2-4 people, and are popular amongst producers, drummers, solo instrumentalists, songwriters, teachers, and others who require a smaller workspace.  These rooms still provide all the creative space required, while retaining all the perks, including: 24HR Access, Wi-Fi, Air Conditioning, and Electric Utility.

125ft2 – 180ft2

These medium sized set-ups are perfect for Producers, Bands (2-4 Piece), Sound Engineers, Drummers with multiple kits, and those who need more storage space. These rooms are in high demand since they offer the flexibility to accommodate larger sessions when needed, and considerably more equipment storage than smaller units. In our experience, 3-4 piece bands will need at least 150 square feet to set up comfortably

200ft2 – 300ft2

Our Large rooms are ideal for 5+ piece Bands, Engineers with large mixing consoles, Producers, Composers, and those with an expanded need for equipment storage.

Various Sizes & Unique Spaces

Beyond our standard small, medium, and large lockouts, in limited availability we have a variety of other spaces that include production spaces, filming spaces, recording studios, and storage spaces.